When you search around Portland for the best eats in the area, you often go to your usual spots like Sharies, Mcdonalds or Taco bell. One thing you might now know (especially the elderly retired ) is that Portland is almost exclusively known for having the best food carts and ethnic restaurants.

Clackamas Eats

  1. Great Harvest Bread

Great Harvest Bread in Clackamas OregonThis decadent place is location within the Clackamas promenade. It is a large Shopping center with Nordstrom’s rack, Carters and Target all there (many more as well). The bake Fresh Bread each and every morning with their secret local recipes. For seniors, they often stop by the shop to get a test taste of all the flavors and types. This is also a popular spot for retired seniors for lunch for their fresh sandwiches.


  1. Dean’s Homestyle Café

    the portions at Dean’s are bar none. If you go for brunch and already had a cup of coffee from home, then you might want to request a take home box because you are almost sure that you will have leftovers. Be sure to ask for the reduced sodium bacon if you are sensitive to that.


No matter how old we get, we will always enjoy going out to eat or getting out of the house to grab a coffee. Because Portland Nursing Home Facility is location close to north Portland, we thought it would be fit to give our favorite places as well within the area that we take residents to.


North Portland Eats

  1. Falafal house

We were pretty surprised that yelp considered this the best place to eat in north Portland as well! It is definitely not your typical restaurant. This falafel house is all done out of a food cart. This is a lovely fire pit right in front of its cart so that you can eat in the evening around a fire.

The first time we did a field trip to this food cart and place, people questioned why we would bring them to such a sketchy place, but…. When they had the food, they absolutely changed their mind!

A couple things to get is the :

  • Falafal Salad
  • Schawarma Fries
  • Traditional Lab Gyro
  1. East Side Delicatessen

East-site-portlandEast Side uses only local and fresh ingredients in all the things they server which lots of our residents enjoyed. Daves Killer Bread is the only bread they source (directly from Milwaukie). They are most well known for the unique sandwiches.

These were only a few short selections of places our seniors like to eat at but there are so many other places. Perhaps we will do another post that will go over the finer dining areas to dine at within Portland (most of them are within the Pearl District).

Let us know if you have any recommendations as well, they can be outside Portland or Clackamas too.

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